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Eddie Murphy, Katherine Heigl and Reese Witherspoon Are Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors


Eddie Murphy is No. 1! Unfortunately, not in a good way.

Forbes has just released its list of Hollywood’s most overpaid actors, and the star of such films (read: flops) as Imagine That, A Thousand Words, Meet Dave and Tower Heist landed in the top spot.

The magazine based its selections on how much a celeb was paid for his or her recent projects and compared it to what the movies actually made in ticket sales.

So, with Murphy, it was calculated that for every dollar Murphy was paid for his last three films, they only returned an average of $2.30 at the box office.

Coming in second was One for the Money star Katherine Heigl. Her recent flicks only generated an average of $3.40 for every dollar she was paid.

Meanwhile, Reese Witherspoon placed third with an average $3.90 return for every dollar she was paid, stemming from such movies as 2010′s How Do You Know and the recent This Means War.

Rounding out the list?

Sandra Bullock, Jack Black, Nicolas Cage, Adam Sandler, Denzel Washington, Ben Stiller and Sarah Jessica Parker.


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Katherine Heigl, Ne-Yo are 2012′s Angels in Adoption

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Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley Welcome Second Daughter

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley‘s family is growing.

The couple, already parents to 3-year-old daughter Naleigh – whom they adopted from South Korea — have welcomed a second little girl, the actress’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Yes they have adopted a baby,” rep Jill Fritzo tells PEOPLE. “No further details [are available] at this time.”

Heigl says adoption was always in the plan she had for a family with her singer-songwriter husband, 32.

“Josh and I started talking about it before we were even engaged,” the actress, 33, said in January.

“We have talked about having biological children as well, but we decided to adopt first. I’d like to adopt again.”

ET Canada was first to confirm the news.


By Jess • April 26, 2012 • News • Comments: 0

Katherine Talks “One For The Money” Interview

Katherine Heigl is notorious for her role as Izzy Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy and her nonstop romantic comedy hits of the past few years. From Valentine’s Day to The Ugly Truth, Heigl has made a name for herself as one of the queens of rom-com. With her latest film, One for the Money, the beautiful actress breaks the mold as a gun-weilding, butt-kicking bounty hunter. Heigl sat down recently with Izumi Hasegawa to chat about firing a real gun, becoming a brunette, and how tough guys will love her latest flick.

Izumi Hasegawa: What was the worst job you’ve ever had?
Katherine Heigl: I started modeling when I was nine, did some things for Sears. I modeled Cabbage Patch underwear. Good times. Kids at school really liked that.

IH: In this movie, you work with tough guys. What is the definition of a tough guy for you?
KH: I have no idea. Oh, that’s right. Josh (Kelley) is here. I just insulted all three men in the room that I work with or live with.

IH: Can you talk about your entry point with the material, being a producer, and the role you had in bringing it to the screen?
KH: I was approached about the project when I was doing The Ugly Truth with Lakeshore, and they wanted to turn the book into a movie, and I had, at that point, not read the book, so I started reading them and I became obsessed with them, and then got really excited about the idea of bringing it to film. I really loved the producer role on this because it was so important to me to keep the film really close to the book, because that’s what I fell in love with. That’s what millions of people have fallen in love with, in terms of the One for the Money Stephanie Plum series. So it was great to get to be in the room and have an opinion…not that it was always necessarily listened to. But it was fun. And where we are. Yeah, we made it. We did it, guys. We did this.

IH: Girls love chick-flicks. This film kind of has a crossover appeal for guys as well. Usually guys just endure films that are chick-flicks. Can you speak to that? And what makes this a good non-chick-flick?
KH: I think what’s sort of interesting about the books, is that they all have like a murder mystery tie-in with the bounty-hunting aspect of it. So it’s not all just about romance. It’s not all just about comedy. Especially, actually, in this movie, the murder mystery storyline is kind of dark and a little edgy, and gives it a vibe that is not purely chick-flick-ish. I’m really excited about it because I think it does appeal to everyone. It isn’t just a girls’ movie, and I think we’re working hard to advertise it so everyone knows that. It’s a good time for everyone, men included. And I forgot where I was going.

Read More . . .

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Katherine Heigl Regrets Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Katherine Heigl left her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens on “Grey’s Anatomy” after five seasons in 2010 to focus on her movie career and being a mom. But now, the actress is having second thoughts about her decision. Heigl told the “The View” (weekdays on ABC) on Monday that she regrets leaving the show and has approached its writers about a possible return.

When Barbara Walters asked her if she’s sorry she left, Heigl — who had her adopted daughter Naleigh by her side — said that she was. “Oh yeah, sometimes, yeah. You miss it. I miss my friends. It was a great work environment … and it becomes a family. I spent six years together with these people every day … you grow up together, in a way,” she reflected.

Heigl also echoed comments she made last week saying she’d love to return to “Grey’s” to see where her character is now. She’s let the show’s producers know she’d like to return, but hasn’t yet been asked back. Heigl said she understands how complicated her return might be with so many characters and story lines already ongoing.

“I always felt that if they wanted me to come back and sort of wrap up that storyline … I want them to know that I’m down with it if they want me to, but I completely understand if it doesn’t necessarily work … They’ve got a lot of story lines going on there,” she explained.


By Eric • January 24, 2012 • Greys Anatomy, News • Comments: 0

Grey’s Anatomy Scoop: Katherine Heigl Wants to Come Back!

Paging Dr. Izzie Stevens to Seattle Grace!

While promoting her new movie, One for the Money, Katherine Heigl discussed whether she’d ever be open to returning to Grey’s Anatomy, and the answer may surprise you fans…

According to Heigl, she has already asked to come back on the show.

“I’ve told them I want to,” Katherine tells us. “I don’t know… Being a showrunner and being a writer of a TV series like that is so complicated that I mean she’s got how many characters are there now? There’s a lot and so she’s balancing about 40 different storylines, so I don’t know if it fits in to their sort of vision for this season or next or however many seasons it goes.”

Katherine last appeared on Grey’s in January 2010, when she left the series to raise her adopted daughter, Naleigh. And she tells us that if ABC or the Grey’s producers were to call up and ask for her to return, she’d do it.

“Yeah totally. I really, really, really want to see where [Izzie] is. I just want to know what happened to her and where she went and what she’s doing now. My idea is that she actually like figures it out, and finds some success and does really well in a different hospital. She was always floundering you know, and so she was always one step behind the eight ball and I want to see that girl take some power back.”

Would you like to see Katherine on Grey’s again? Could poor Alex Karev’s heart take it?


By Eric • January 20, 2012 • Greys Anatomy, News, Videos • Comments: 0

Katherine Heigl Is ‘Ready For Another Baby’

Katherine Heigl seems to have it all – beauty, a thriving entertainment career, a loving husband and an adorable daughter. However, the “One for the Money” star says learning how to balance it all has been more difficult than she expected.

“I think a lot of us are out there [being working moms] and trying to do it the best we can, but we have some standard that’s been set and I was told that it’s 2012, you can have it all, women can have it all,” Katherine told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson at the “One for the Money” junket in Los Angeles on Tuesday. “You want to be a mother, you want to be in the workforce, you can do this — and you can, except nobody ever told me how that was going to feel and what it really meant.

“When I take a job I do have to look at my daughter and have to tell her, ‘I’m going to work, you’re not going to see me for a while,’ I have to, in a way, disengage” she continued. “Otherwise, my mind –I’m just split in so many directions.

“Women have that extra guilt that men don’t have,” Shaun added.

“Yeah, you feel like you’re failing your child,” Katherine agreed. “And [my husband] Josh can go off on tour and he’ll miss us and he’ll miss [our daughter], and he wants to fix time and talk to her on the phone, but he doesn’t feel that [guilt]. It’s so interesting.”

While she may feel pulled in all directions, Katherine seems to be a successful mom, as she said 3-year-old daughter Naleigh — whom she and husband Josh Kelley adopted in 2009 — is a model child.

“She’s a really good girl,” Katherine told Shaun. “All kids go through their little phases and she’ll have her moments of stubbornness or, you know, snottiness, but generally speaking, she’s a surprising, wonderful, good-natured, and charming kid.

“She doesn’t have a lot of those moments, so I’m really proud of her,” she added. “I just think she’s really special.”

The proud mom also revealed she hopes to add to her family soon.

“I would love to,” she told Shaun, when asked if she hopes to adopt again. “I’m ready for another baby!

“I mean, it’s been two years,” she added.

“One for the Money” hit theaters on January 27.


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Katherine Heigl Will Never Be America’s Sweetheart—and She’s Perfectly Fine With That

Remember when Katherine Heigl was going to be the next Julia Roberts (or Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Aniston or whoever else America’s sweetheart du jour was at the time)? So does Katherine Heigl.

The ever-outspoken actress is, well, speaking out in advance of New Year’s Eve’s release, and among the first topics she tackled while sitting down with Elle magazine was her decision not to conform to the stereotypical, people-pleasing actress M.O.—even when it looked as though she was headed that way.

“I’ve never really been America’s sweetheart, but for a minute I think that’s what they wanted me to be,” the January covergirl told the magazine. “And I had ‘em for a second thinking maybe I was.”

So what went wrong?

“And then I opened my mouth, and it was very clear I wasn’t.”

Oh. That.

“There’s so much of my mother’s caustic, sarcastic, irreverent take on things,” she explained. “But I also love and embrace it. I look at some of what I had to say, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I would tell myself to shut up too.’”

Still, her deviation from a cookie-cutter career does have its drawbacks, and chief among them are her critics—often every bit as vocal as the star herself.

“I think it’s a female thing. I’m just that a–hole who really wants everyone to like me, and it’s a ridiculous goal and it’s an impossible goal. But I think if I keep pushing forward and showing myself through and through, they will see me again for what I really am and what has been sort of spun about me.”

Meanwhile, in her quest to get the spin respun, Heigl also sat down with Cosmopolitan’s U.K. edition, where she drove home the point and owned up to her own part in it.

“Hollywood likes to label everyone so you’re easier to identify,” she said. “I didn’t mind it; I got mouthy, the way a child does when you celebrate them for something. The mouthier I got, the more I’d be celebrated. I was like, ‘You think that’s outspoken? How about this…’ Then it bit me in the hand.”

Though, seeing as how she’s about to open a star-studded movie, we’d say her tell-it-like-it-is outspokenness aside, she’s still done pretty well for herself.


By Eric • December 08, 2011 • News • Comments: 0