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Katherine Heigl’s Gay Marriage Dramedy ‘Jenny’s Wedding’ Hits AFM at Perfect Time

Katherine Heigl’s gay-marriage comedy-drama “Jenny’s Wedding” is hitting AFM at exactly the right time, according to Hollywood veteran Mary Agnes Donoghue.

“I must admit that the timing is pretty good — not just with the issue but also with Katherine’s ‘State of Affairs’ getting so much notice for her new series,” she noted.

Indeed, Heigl’s new NBC drama, which debuts Nov. 17, is getting a lot of social media and other online buzz. Advertisers like her too: A Variety survey this summer of commercial-ratings projections from four major ad buyers finds “State” is expected to generate the most commercial viewership among freshman scripted programs in the 2014-15 season in viewers between 18 and 49.

“Jenny’s Wedding” is getting its first market screenings at the American Film Market. The Solution is handling foreign territories, while CAA and Gersh are handling U.S. rights.

Donoghue directed from her own script and is also producing with Gail Levin and MM Prods.’ Michelle Manning. Heigl is the title character, who causes a sea change in the lives of her closely knit, highly conventional family when she finally decides to marry. Tom Wilkinson and Linda Emond portray her parents.

“We filmed a year ago in Cleveland over 18 days — though it didn’t feel like 18 days because the cast really responded and felt passionately about it,” she noted. “There is a Jenny in my life and family but this really isn’t her story, and the people who inspired the story have told me that they felt that we had captured them in the film.”

“Jenny’s Wedding” raised $96,691 in an Indiegogo campaign in March to complete post-production work on music, titles, color and sound.


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Katherine Heigl to Lead A Moment to Remember

Katherine Heigl has signed on to play the leading role in A Moment to Remember, a new project from The Sessions director Ben Lewin. The Hollywood Reporter brings word of the project, which is based on a Korean television series, “Pure Soul,” which itself was made into a Korean film in 2004.

A Moment to Remember follows a fasion designer (Heigl) who begins to suffer from a disease that damages her memory. Her husband is left to try and capture a perfect, lasting moment of their love.

Heigl most recently starred in One for the Money and can be seen this spring in The Big Wedding opposite Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace, Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams and Ben Barnes.

A Moment to Remember will begin shooting this spring with Mark Amin, Scott Lambert, Scott Steindorff and Cami Winikoff producing and Peter Fruchtman, David Higgins, Scott LaStaiti, Miky Lee and Judi Levine and Dylan Russell executive producing.


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The Big Wedding Trailer

By Jess • August 01, 2012 • Movie Projects, The Big Wedding • Comments: 1

Movie review: ‘One for the Money’ starring Katherine Heigl

The star works to bring a gutsy vulnerability to her role as a bounty hunter in the film adapted from a Janet Evanovich novel, but the romance and laughs are wanting.

A mercenary pall hangs over the criminally uninspired “One for the Money.” Tough economic times force Stephanie Plum, the main character, to take a potentially lucrative assignment as a bounty hunter. Fair enough. Except that the filmmakers have left the creative spark out of the equation. The Katherine Heigl vehicle is an ungainly mix of flat-footed gumshoeing and strained attempts at hilarity, all delivered with an unconvincing Joizy vibe.

As in most Hollywood romantic comedies of recent vintage, the romance and laughs in “Money” are, respectively, wan and nonexistent. Heigl, who also produced, plays Trenton divorcee Stephanie, an unemployed lingerie saleswoman who’s behind in her car payments and rent. Just in the nick of time, she becomes a so-called recovery agent for her bail bondsman cousin Vinnie (Patrick Fischler).


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Associated Press “One For The Money” Interview

Katherine did an interview with Associated Press to promote her new film One For The Money. You can check out the interview below, as well as captures of it in the gallery. Enjoy! :)

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By Eric • January 26, 2012 • Gallery, One for the Money, Videos • Comments: 0 “One For The Money” Interview

Katherine did an interview with to promote her new film One For The Money. You can check out the interview below, as well as captures of it in the gallery. Enjoy! :)

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Screen Captures > Online Segments > 2012 > Jan 25 – Interview

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Katherine Talks “One For The Money” Interview

Katherine Heigl is notorious for her role as Izzy Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy and her nonstop romantic comedy hits of the past few years. From Valentine’s Day to The Ugly Truth, Heigl has made a name for herself as one of the queens of rom-com. With her latest film, One for the Money, the beautiful actress breaks the mold as a gun-weilding, butt-kicking bounty hunter. Heigl sat down recently with Izumi Hasegawa to chat about firing a real gun, becoming a brunette, and how tough guys will love her latest flick.

Izumi Hasegawa: What was the worst job you’ve ever had?
Katherine Heigl: I started modeling when I was nine, did some things for Sears. I modeled Cabbage Patch underwear. Good times. Kids at school really liked that.

IH: In this movie, you work with tough guys. What is the definition of a tough guy for you?
KH: I have no idea. Oh, that’s right. Josh (Kelley) is here. I just insulted all three men in the room that I work with or live with.

IH: Can you talk about your entry point with the material, being a producer, and the role you had in bringing it to the screen?
KH: I was approached about the project when I was doing The Ugly Truth with Lakeshore, and they wanted to turn the book into a movie, and I had, at that point, not read the book, so I started reading them and I became obsessed with them, and then got really excited about the idea of bringing it to film. I really loved the producer role on this because it was so important to me to keep the film really close to the book, because that’s what I fell in love with. That’s what millions of people have fallen in love with, in terms of the One for the Money Stephanie Plum series. So it was great to get to be in the room and have an opinion…not that it was always necessarily listened to. But it was fun. And where we are. Yeah, we made it. We did it, guys. We did this.

IH: Girls love chick-flicks. This film kind of has a crossover appeal for guys as well. Usually guys just endure films that are chick-flicks. Can you speak to that? And what makes this a good non-chick-flick?
KH: I think what’s sort of interesting about the books, is that they all have like a murder mystery tie-in with the bounty-hunting aspect of it. So it’s not all just about romance. It’s not all just about comedy. Especially, actually, in this movie, the murder mystery storyline is kind of dark and a little edgy, and gives it a vibe that is not purely chick-flick-ish. I’m really excited about it because I think it does appeal to everyone. It isn’t just a girls’ movie, and I think we’re working hard to advertise it so everyone knows that. It’s a good time for everyone, men included. And I forgot where I was going.

Read More . . .

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“One For The Money” New York Premiere Red Carpet Videos

Check out 2 interviews Katherine did on the red carpet of the New York premiere of One For The Money! You can also check out screen captures of both interviews in the gallery! Enjoy! :)

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Screen Captures > Online Segments > 2012 > Jan 24 – Extra – One For The Money NY Premiere
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